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Moving Website to new Host!

I've decided to finally upgrade my entire site and bring everything together into one place. If you've followed anything I've done in the past you would know that I work on so many projects in all kinds of categories and have fun personally making all components of it. This year for 2019 my goal is to bring it together as it is all my work either way instead of dividing my attention and time. I need to be more efficient in the way I work and the way I share.

As a new Father it is becoming extremely apparent that I need to become much more efficient at what I do but also that everything I want to build I need to get it done. In the future I'll be sharing all my projects with my son Phoenix (and future kids) and will be helping him work on all the projects he wants.

What is coming to www.sariodev.com ?

Everything I've worked on to date, plus all the main focus areas. What I'm realizing is to be most efficient professionally is to double down on my strengths and put more energy into the side projects that already align with this. In addition the areas that will lead to building the legacy and the lessons I want to leave for my children. This includes the Engineering IRL podcast where I share lessons and experiences going from studies to intern to lead engineer mainly off the back of hard work and creativity. Plus it has a side mission of taking engineering concepts and teaching you how to apply it to real life.

The children's books that I've written and illustrated that have the purpose of instilling Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts very early in a friendly and accessible way so when he faces these areas and comes to learning them he already has the base concepts. You can check out my Amazon Author page here. So far at the time of this writing I have completed the first 2 books of the series. The first being "Count On Me" which is the number line for kids (negative numbers, graphs, etc)

and the second being "My Light Can Shine Bright" which is light, waves and colour for kids (electromagnetic spectrum, behaviour of light, etc).

All other projects will be migrating here including OneMetaGaming, 3d printer projects, SarioDev Apps and more.

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