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  • Andrew Sario

3 Reasons Database skills are important to all Engineers

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Data is the New Gold.

There are many skills an Engineer must possess to do their job effectively. Now it may be obvious that a software or computer engineer needs to be skilled with databases but what I'm saying here is why it is important for engineers of all disciplines.

Before we continue if you prefer to find out more instead in audio format I go into this topic in more detail on the Engineering IRL podcast. Search for the show wherever you get your podcasts or follow the link: Rev.26 - Engineers and Databases https://anchor.fm/sariodev/episodes/Rev-26---Engineers-and-Databases-e319l1

1. Database skills help you solve problems

At some point you may need to do some engineering forensics. That is to say when something goes wrong you will have to answer "what happened?". Now no one is going to say "take these logs and this data and run this query" you are more likely to have a bunch of data that is really a bunch of puzzle pieces. If you are adept with databases you think about information differently and would see an opportunity to reconcile things.

2. Use databases to automate

This is great because typically you keep track of the things that you engineer. And this slowly becomes a point of data as you track more things. You are tracking things in the course of doing your job so it is logical that you can use the data about what you are tracking and script actions for mundane tasks. Your accuracy and efficiency go up and if you are smart about it you can also increase user satisfaction.

3. Differentiate yourself as an Engineer

If you don't want to be an average engineer you have to do more than the average engineer.

There's no escaping this one, but how could database skills differentiate me? Well, aside from point 1 and 2 as you develop tools and ways to solve your companies problems faster and more efficiently, you can quickly become the "go to" for that tool and future ones.

You can help the business achieve goals as a whole and you are not stumped when it comes to working with other people's data.

Most importantly though, it gives you a different perspective on the way you approach problems, you begin to think about the information that is more aligned with what a customer actually wants to know. And you can begin finsing answers to problems you didn't know you had yet.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data (woah isn't that alredy an out of date term, eh?) are already her. Don't be left in the situation of those who "didn't grow up with the internet".

Manage your data better, manage yourself better.

For more information please head to the Engineering IRL website .