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  • Andrew Sario

DeepMind AI AlphaStar defeats Professional Starcraft 2 Gamers. Cutting edge of AI Engineering

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

In case you missed it AlphaStar goes 10-1 against Professional Starcraft 2 Gamers which is a huge milestone.

For the details about what happened you can see it all at

deepminds developer blog

and to watch the demonstration it's available on

youtube here.

Other places have covered these but I just want to highlight real quick how AI Engineers are becoming a real thing. For example according to


"AI-driven organizations are creating the role of AI engineer and staffing it with people who can perform a hybrid of data engineering, data science, and software development tasks."

This is very cool and something that will be addressed on Rev.26 of the

Engineering IRL podcast


After the show is released I'll add the show notes here. But please consider this fact,

AI Engineers

are are expecting to be paid at the higher end of the salary spectrum well into the six figures.

With that being said, the episode is available in full wherever you get your podcast or click here to check it out.

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, SarioDev: Engineering IRL: Rev.27 - Deepmind AI AlphaStar and Artificial Intelligence Engineers https://anchor.fm/sariodev/episodes/Rev-27---Deepmind-AI-AlphaStar-and-Artificial-Intelligence-Engineers-e325vm

super excited to be covering this topic.

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