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Count on me

Count the numbers "1, 2, 3" you can always count on me.
Count On Me is a children's book designed to introduce the number line as a concept in a fun and friendly way to your children.


As schools need to show progress of a students mathematical ability against a report card (a measurable result), the focus is on moving that needle. Whilst this can be useful, what then takes a back seat is the learning of the underlying concepts. But the problem is that a child's exposure to underlying concepts is hardly a measurable report card value that can be presented to parents.This doesn't mean that concepts aren't an important part of education, but that maybe it could also be learned outside of the classroom. Perhaps through stories or books.


This book (and many others in this series) gives parents an opportunity to expose their kids to typically challenging concepts in the hope that as they learn things through school they already have one part of the equation.Often times when someone knows another language (bilingual) from when they were born or very young, if you ask them if they remember learning the language, they reply "no, I just understand it". Contrast this with trying to learn a second language later on in life.


I was looking for a book like this for my son but realized there was a gap in the baby education landscape. So I decided to create it. Give the book a chance and give your baby their best chance.