Thursday, 5 July 2018

Engineering Podcast - Engineering IRL

I wanted to create a podcast about engineering to open conversations focused on the details of engineering. The day to day work an engineer would go through and then relating those skills to real life.

Taking this concept, this is how the name of the show came to be. Engineering IRL is the name of the podcast and is a shoutout to the everyday stuff, not just the high level marketing things, and show its more than the "boring math" that the other half of the perception is.

I found engineering podcasts on Spotify and many recommendations for all kinds of different ones, but the conversation wasn't quite what I was looking for. This is the gap that I could fill. Think of it as a podcast engineering school except you get some raw mindsets and information that hasn't filtered or edited yet.

Why do people listen?
People listen to the podcast for real tangible advice that they can use to improve as an Engineer. Value is provided through some insight into what Lead Engineers look for and lessons learned. The talks in the car feels like you are just having a conversation about the topic without feeling like a lecture. 

Engineering is the world of professional problem solving and maybe some of the things you learn in this podcast can apply to all kinds of problems you may be trying to solve in real life. I hope one day to show people that the things in day to day engineering are awesome as well.

The podcast is on many major platforms and a list can be found here:

If you get the chance please drop some feedback. The goal is to become one of the top engineering podcasts!

As always, good luck with all your side projects!