Saturday, 9 May 2015

Developing a suitable background for your app. Beta testers wanted !

As promised from the previous blog post I will share some insight to the background created for the App and any progress and updates.

The Background

I initially created a background with circles and added some white flashes to give the look of a crowd with photos. Turns out this was distracting in practice to the actual app.

I decided to put a little more detail in the crowd (only slightly) to even out the look. I started by stripping down an individual character to his head, arms and torso.
I also made it in different shades and sizes, with one variant with arms raised as if to be cheering.
You can use any vector graphics designer for your drawings, but I use Visio (not ideal but I'm pretty proficient) I've learnt over time that it's more about preference. If it turns out looking good that's just on the designer.

Anyway, after I got a few sprites, I simply created a row of them and layered them. Slightly different shades to add contrast, and built entire rows from there. You can see the screenshot below to see the improvement.

Lastly, I put it back into the main scene in unity and it looks alot better. I created 2 frames so I could add in some slight movement to the crowd. But that's all that is necessary for this casual app.

The next step is to amp up some marketing including the logo and preparing some screenshots etc as the base app is ready. With that being said, beta testing is upon us!

Beta Testers

Interested in seeing how the app has turned out so far? I am now looking for the first round of beta testers !
To sign up or show your interest leave a comment or enter your email address at the top bar of  the SarioDev website. I look forward to getting people involved and feedback!

The app is called Rejected Basketball and you can stay up to date on social media on our RejectedBasketball fan page. You can also go there to see highlights of some of the best blocks around!