Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rejected Basketball App ready for NBA Playoffs

Here's the latest update of  the Rejected Basketball App. After spending some time developing and learning Unity 5 I've finally got in some physics to make the game work. I'm quite impressed with the ability to export to multiple platforms and I've now tested on both iPhone and Android.

So far I've built some sprites, used the splicer got in a backboard and a ring, tracking for the ball going through the hoop for scoring. I've got in colliders for counting blocks made by the player and the jumping of the main character. I got in some basic animations for the basketball, the main character sprite, the net for the ball swishing through.

If you see the screenshot of the game above, its coming together, but I would like to bring the crowd alive. My next post I'll share how I'm going to do this.

Next up I'm going to revamp all the graphics. Which is becoming more important as I start to promote the Rejected App. Check out the Facebook Page.

If you have any suggestions, just let me know.