Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Building Mobile Apps with Unity 5

The next addition to the SarioDev Apps suite is coming soon and this time, this app will have a game engine behind it to bring a better game experience.

After learning mobile development in iOS, Android and Windows it's come to a point where time consumption becomes more and more prevalent. In this case I need a solution with one code base that is compatible with all the platforms I want to target.

So enter Unity 5. I decided on Unity 5 because of 3 simple reasons; firstly, it's currently free! (Unless I make over $100k with app in fiscal year - here's hoping), next it can deploy to all platforms and lastly I can develop in C#.

I've started learning with the following tutorial titled "cloney bird" - which I've found very useful.

I'll be updating here with some graphics and progress. If I use any other tutorials I'll include it as well.

For the curious, if you've made it this far, the next app will be titled "Shot Blocker" and will be initially available on Android.