Saturday, 10 January 2015

IN 5 Coming to iPhone

Tomorrow marks the day when development of IN 5 for iPhone begins !
Definitely looking forward to it. But how did I finally get to the stage where I was ready to start developing it?

After previously reviewing the possibility of learning Swift I decided to just start building with Objective-C. As I've started learning XCODE and using the Apple side of development I'm starting to build some level of familiarity with it. Of course my experience has primarily been in C# for Windows Platform and Java for Android. The development approach is more similar in these 2 in comparison with iPhone.

What I must say is that I have adapted to the storyboard approach and segue/view controllers etc and as IN 5 is a minimalist app I should have no problems building the skeleton. The design and theme are built in the Android version so IN 5 should be coming soon.

If you don't know what IN 5 is you can check it out here on SarioDev Apps site and if you have an Android device you can download it on the Android Play Store.

Happy developing all!