Wednesday, 14 May 2014

SarioDev Goes Live !

SarioDev Apps Website goes live and this is the first post going up on the site. I'm really excited to get this off the ground and I just wanted to give SarioDev related posts its own space. So what do you think? Have you created your own app site?
Have a look around because I've included ways to contact, IN 5 dedicated page, 10Up dedicated page, and SarioDev store! (Get yourself a 10Up shirt)

So if you don't know much about SarioDev Apps, the focus is of the apps are in the productivity space and the games space. There are apps on the Windows Store and also on the Google Android Play Store, with plans to get into iPhone/iPad development too. Check out SarioDev Apps here.

All apps graphics, music, code, marketing and design are all done in house - which does make it tough but also gives a continuous voice throughout all aspects. I'm always scanning the App stores and monitoring the progress of all SarioDev apps particularly for feedback from users and striving to be as quick as possible to react to the input.

So if you're reading this I hope you have tried my apps and if you have don't be shy to give me feedback or constructive criticisms.

With that - that is the first of many blog posts where I will share development progress, how I've overcome issues both technical and business/marketing related and anything and everything related to our apps!

Here's to imagining, researching, designing, building and publishing your own ideas and dreams!